About Us

The MOTODB Protocol is a Global, Decentralized Car Industry Blockchain that will enable the Connected Cars Paradigm by putting the Driver at the Centre and Empower them to share their user-generated Data in return for real rewards. We are passionate and strong advocates of Car Data Privacy and also believe that the Driver should benefit from the data they generate. We are working with a wide variety of Car Ecosystem Partners to enable this Vision.


The Drivers Network

The MOTODB Protocol is a Driver-powered IoT Network for Connected Cars. The Drivers Network marks the beginning of the Connected Cars Revolution.

Empowering Car Drivers

The MOTODB Protocol empowers Car Drivers and enables them to collect, share, protect, store and monetize their car data. All this is done according to rules, terms and conditions set by a passionate Car Drivers community.

Car Miners

The MOTODB Protocol has a collection of devices called Car Miners, that will enable Car Drivers to collect and share their Car Data, thereby allowing them to be rewarded for their user-generated Car Data.

Car Income Generating Asset

The MOTODB Protocol turns the Car from being a Depreciating Asset into an Income Generating Asset, thereby reducing the Total Cost of Ownership of a Car. Our aim is to ultimately make the Car Free for the Car Driver.

Car Electronic Health Records

The MOTODB Protocol creates an Electronic Health Records system for Cars, a first of its kind initiative that will allow any interested party to access this information.

Lifetime Value Car Data

The MOTODB Protocol recognizes that the Lifetime Value of Car Data will at some point of time be more valuable than the Car cost itself. We aim to enable Car Drivers to gain from their user-generated Data.


The MOTODB Protocol will be developed as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) structure, thereby ensuring that it is the Driver Community that is involved in setting direction, rules, terms and conditions of the Protocol.


The MOTODB Protocol will be powered by MOTODB tokens, which will serve as rewards for Drivers for sharing their user-generated Data with interested 3rd parties based on their preferences. The tokens will be listed on Global CryptoExchanges.

Our Team

We are a Group of Car Enthusiasts who believe in the power of Connected Cars. We have backgrounds and experience in Blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, Web 3.0, Investments and Early stage startups. The Founders have academic backgrounds in Computer Sciences, Data Science, AI from IIT Madras and INSEAD (MBA).


Atul Chatur

BE from VJTI and MBA from INSEAD


Vedant Kadam

Btech and Mtech IIT Madras with specialization in Data Science


Aashay Doshi

Btech and Mtech IIT Madras with specialization in System engineering

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